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How to Know if a Women is Interested in You

It is always said that the women are complex, intricate and incredibly difficult to figure out. Similarly, it is quite hard to ponder upon the fact that whether a girl likes you or not. But if you try to understand the situation, the signs become quite clear. So we here at London Escorts put together this quick guide to help you to find out whether a woman is interested in you or not.

Up Close and Personal

We know that this hint is pretty obvious and not subtle at all. But you will be surprised how many guys actually miss this hint. Because when two people of the opposite gender are chatting with on another the physical touches are also present, even though you might not acknowledge it. If that happens quite a lot and she accepts it then it means that she is getting comfortable around you.

Excited To Meet You

Whenever you guys meet each other she becomes excited and gets comfortable with you this is a major sign that a lady is interested in you. So if a lady likes you she will tell you also share things with you and tell you that her friends are also excited to meet you. This means that she is serious about you and likes you.

All Eyes on You

Whenever you and the woman you are interested in being together in a group, take a quick look at who each person is looking at. For example, when something funny happens, which causes everyone to laugh than people usually look at the person they admire the most. This is a clear indication that she is interested in you.

Personal Questions

If a woman asks personal questions, then it means that she is interested in you. If she does this quite often then that means she is trying to get a handle on who you are and what experiences made you that way. She also wants to know your plans for the future and whether they align with her plans or not.  

She’s A Text Machine

These days we have instant access to communication at our fingertips, and we want to talk at the push of a button. So if you receive quite a lot of messages and she responds to every one of your social media posts and stories, then its good news because she wants to get to know you more and connect with you at a deeper level. 

She Laughs and Smiles

When you know that your jokes are bad and she’s still laughing at them, that’s a good sign because it means that she has a crush on you. Because women are attracted to men who make them laugh and put them in a good mood.

She Blushes

Sometimes you might say or do something that makes her blush or bright red. Be prepared because this type of blushing means that she’s into you and likes your occasional flirting. So it’s a sign that she might have feelings for you.