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What Can I Do with a Degree in Math?

Math is a universal language that has hundreds (if not thousands) of career applications. Not only will a degree in mathematics help you land a job after graduation, but you’ll also be able to work for companies in other countries as well.

Pursuing a math degree is an excellent fit for those students who get excited about math on our learning app. The beauty of learning advanced math concepts is that nothing is subjective: Two plus two will always equal four no matter how you slice it. Using a learning app like Kunduz is a great way to polish your math skills and ask a math tutor a question 24/7/365. Learn more about what you can do with a degree in math with these career options.


Those students who want to find life applications for math and probability would enjoy a degree in actuarial science. Actuaries are those math professionals who use math to find risks associated with insurance. You’ll work closely with insurance companies and agencies who need to know the likelihood that something will happen. Actuaries use math to determine how likely a tornado would be in a particular area or how likely a person may live given their everyday activities.


Do you love working with numbers in a fast-paced environment? If so, becoming an economist might be the career for you. Economists watch the economy closely to make predictions on what the market will do. They are often hired by large corporations or think tanks to help forecast changes in the economy. Economists research and learn from past math trends to analyze data. Working as an economist often requires making predictions based on the data gathered through mathematical equations.


For those students who love developing, building and designing, a career in engineering is a great fit. Engineering has a wide range of options that you can specialize in (i.e. software engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering.

Each specification within this industry requires solving sophisticated calculations in order to translate the underlying system dynamics of the product that you’re working on. Choosing to pursue a math degree with a focus in engineering opens many doors for future employers.


If you love math equations and look forward to your math homework, becoming a mathematician may be a good fit for you. While you probably could have guessed that mathematicians need a degree in math, many students may not quite understand what they do on a daily basis. There are two basic types of mathematicians: applied and theoretical.

Applied mathematicians use their love of math to help solve the world’s problems. Large corporations or government sectors often hire mathematicians to use numbers to figure out how to improve something in real life. Applied mathematicians help others by figuring out answers to complex problems.

Theoretical mathematicians use their math skills to solve abstract problems. This means that they use numbers and equations to learn more about how numbers already work within the world. While abstract concepts can be a stretch for some math students, becoming a theoretical mathematician is a great fit for those who can wrap their heads around creative ideas.

Math Teacher

If you love math and working with young people, life as a math teacher is a great career option. Math teachers share their love of numbers and equations with a wide variety of students in the classroom. Some of these students will love math as much as you, while others will do the minimum required to slide on by. The best math teachers have the heart to connect with teenagers while also preparing them with the basic math skills they’ll need beyond graduation.

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