Massage Therapist: Ways to Supplement Your Income

A typical massage therapist earns on average approximately $40,000.00 per year. As a single person, you can get by. However, when you rely on that salary to run a household and feed a family, it isn’t enough. The good news is that you can expand your business and put your knowledge to use to supplement your income. 

Expanding Your Practice

Unless your studio or home business resides in a high-income area, you will more than likely have to work extra hard to expand your client base. You have all the necessary equipment, including a professional massage table, massage chair, oils, and essentials. Taking pictures of the room and posting them on your website will allow anyone who visits the site to view them. Adding chatbots also lets people ask questions and receive answers, keeping them on your site longer. You can also add a pull-down menu for available products that you typically use during a massage therapy session.

Using Your Knowledge

Expertise in any field transfers in supplemental income. You have knowledge that you can share with others. Creating a personal blog and filling it with good quality content is your area of expertise that will earn extra income. For example, you can tell when someone has allergies, what may cause lower back pain and even make clients aware of suspicious spots or irregularities of the skin. Use your knowledge to help others while earning a few bucks for you. At first, the blog may not reach many people. However, once you sign up with companies connected to your field, their advertising will offset the cost. 


You probably dismiss YouTube as a way of earning extra money. However, putting up videos of products that can make a difference in your overall health will attract many viewers. YouTube is popular and millions of people look for topics each day. Start your own channel dedicated to Massage Therapy. You can add informative videos daily. 


Maybe writing is not something that comes naturally to you. That’s okay, there are other ways to earn extra money. Podcasting is becoming more popular. A podcast is a recorded audio file that you can add to your website for people to listen to. Initially, it’s an added bonus for those who visit your site. However, once it becomes a popular item, you can transfer it to its own site for a small fee. 

Reward Programs

One way that successful massage therapists retain loyal customers is to have in place a rewards program. It’s almost common practice these days. After a certain number of sessions, the next one is free. You can also add to each invoice or paid receipt a message on the bottom that says something like “refer any client and receive a $25.00 finders fee.” This will encourage your clients to tell their family and friends about your business. 


Most people have an electronic device on hand at all times. eBooks are quickly replacing paperback forms of books and other sources of reading materials. Creating an eBook on types of massage therapy and its benefits to your overall health and placing it on popular sites such as Amazon, will provide passive income.

Trade Shows

One of the best ways to improve your bottom line is to let people see you in person. Trade shows provide an excellent way to meet and greet people and promote your business. Make sure you have pamphlets on hand to distribute and promotional giveaways. You’ll also have an opportunity to mingle with other people in the business to see what methods they use and how they run their business. 

As a massage therapist, you have an abundance of knowledge. Channel it to various venues, earn passive income and update your website to make it a place that’s educational and user-friendly.