Home Appliances to Sell at Scrap Metal Recycling Facilities

The first thing that comes to mind about recycling facilities could be a truck full of scrap materials from construction sites. Indeed, it’s mostly the case, but some homeowners also sell recyclable items to these facilities, including old appliances. So, yes, you can earn extra cash from those appliances that you want to get rid of. But, besides the additional money you can get, there are also other benefits to it like the following:

  • It preserves natural resources as it will lessen the need for raw materials.
  • Manufacturers may use these recycled items and pass the savings to the consumers.
  • These items do not add up to the trash that reaches the landfill.
  • It lessens carbon footprints from manufacturing new metal products.
  • Below are some home appliances you can sell to recycling facilities.

Washing machine

If you have an old washing machine that no longer cleans the clothes, it may be time to upgrade to a new one. Other signs that you should get a replacement are noises that are louder than usual, water not draining, and drum not spinning. You may need to separate it into pieces to get the metal parts. Kansas City residents may go to a scrap metal Kansas City recycling facility to sell these parts.


Dryers usually last up to 13 years, so if yours is over that age, it may be time to let go. If it doesn’t dry the clothes and makes excessive noise, these are additional signs of getting a new model. You may also need to dismantle the washing machine to get the metal parts.


Due to environmental risk, various fridge parts must be disposed of properly. The metal parts like wires and aluminum shelves can be sold to recycling facilities accepting scrap metals. For the rest of the parts, you can find other facilities specializing in their disposal. If your fridge constantly needs repair, it may be best to get a new one. However, it can be inconvenient and a waste of money to keep paying for the repair. Other signs that it’s beyond repair are too much noise, food spoiling fast, coils too hot, and excessive frost. Moreover, getting a new fridge is recommended if yours is over ten years old.


Noises are a common sign of appliance problems; if it gets excessive, it could be a serious concern. Also, if the interior has rust and doesn’t heat properly, you may consider getting a replacement. A broken and inefficient oven will also contribute to a significant increase in your electric bill. Once you have the new appliance, you can sell the old oven to a recycling facility.

Air conditioner

Like refrigerators, air conditioners also typically last for up to ten years and may not work efficiently after that. They can also cause energy bills to go up. Noises and warm air from the AC are other signs to replace it.

Besides your home appliances, there are other items at home that are made from metal you can also sell, such as kitchen fixtures, pots and pans, computer cases, batteries, and scraps from an old car.