Working in the Construction Industry: 6 Safety Tips you Need to Know

Construction worksites are very dangerous places because they contain many safety hazards. In fact, according to statistics, a minimum of one construction worker gets injured on the job every day. Suffice to say; it is a dangerous profession. Working in construction often means that having some kind of private health insurance plan in place is vital. The good news is, that in addition to having a quality alarm system in place like the one here to protect yourself and your property from theft or violence, there are a couple of other safety measures that you can take to stay safe as a worker in the construction industry.

Here are six things you can do to ensure your safety and health on a construction site:

1. Always be a Safe Distance Away from Operating Machinery

It is not uncommon for workers to gather, in between tasks, in one area on a site while others around them work. This poses no threat unless there is operating machinery really close by. In most instances, nothing occurs, but accidents do occur even if it’s uncommon, so it is best to stay far away from operating machines. 

2. Be Cautious when Climbing off or on Equipment 

A lot of the falls that happen on a construction site occur when climbing off or on equipment. To reduce the probability of this happening to you, ensure there is no mud on your boots before you climb on a piece of equipment and that you have the right gloves on, so your grip will be firm.  Also, remember to use the three-point stance and do not stretch to grab handles above you. Most importantly, do not jump down. 

3. Use the Correct Ladder Height 

Even though you might be able to get away with using a shorter ladder if a tall one is not available, it is best not to do so because a lot of ladder-related accidents occur when the wrong ladder is used for a particular task. Why? Every time you have to stretch past the step you are on, you increase the likelihood of the ladder tipping over or you falling off.  

4. Be Mindful of Fall Hazards

There are fall hazards on every construction site, and it is part of your responsibility to be mindful of where they all are.  It is, however, your employer’s duty to put safety systems in places such as guardrails, safety cords, safety nets, and personal fall arrest systems to mitigate fall hazards. There is also a chance that a slip can lead to a fall due to the mishandling of chemicals and other substances on a construction site. If this was to happen it could bring about a lawsuit, so making sure that all substances are put in their correct place with secure storage is essential. Storemasta specialises in chemical storage containers, and could help you if this is something you feel you need to invest in.

5. Do not use Damaged Equipment

In a bid to complete a task at hand, it might be tempting to use whatever equipment is available, even if it is not functioning properly or it is damaged. This is bad for so many reasons. A piece of damaged equipment increases the chances of you sustaining a serious injury. 

6. Ensure your First Aid Box Stays Updated 

You never can tell when an accident might occur on a construction site, which is why having a full, up-to-date first aid kit is very important so that first aid can be administered even before a health care professional can attend to the injury.  What use would a first aid kit that was last opened five years ago be should an accident occur right now? The answer is, none because it will only contain outdated band-aid and medication. 

So regularly refresh the ointment, disinfectant, ointment, gauze, bandages, and painkillers in your first aid box.