Which OVH VPS Configuration Is Right for Me?

VPS hosting is a great way to get a server up and running at an affordable cost. Virtualization technology allows your server to be personalized, scalable, and secure. And as your site grows in size you’ll have the power to customize things exactly how you’d like. But what does that look like? When looking through different VPS plans the initial question should be ‘Which OVH VPS configuration is right for me?’

There are a number of things to consider when deciding on a hosting plan. Things like what hardware will be used, or what technical requirements your site will need. To ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth and also avoiding overspending for things you won’t use, let’s take a closer look at each of the plans.


The value plan is the most affordable of OVH’s four VPS plans. At a monthly cost of $6, it starts you off with a 1 vCore processor, 2GB of memory, 40GB of storage, and a bandwidth of 250Mbps. It’s a smaller amount of technical provision, but if that’s all you need it’s the best way to go. The value plan can be perfect for smaller ventures you’re interested in. Perhaps you want to host a game server for something like Minecraft (learn more on how to set up a Minecraft server via but purchasing a fully dedicated game server is out of your price range. You will have to look for another option. VPS hosting offers a cost-effective way to host private games with a small group without forgoing smooth gameplay. Why pay for more if you’re not going to be using it?

The value plan can also be great if you’re running a small site that you want to keep independent from other sites. Overshadowing can be an issue with shared hosting. When one site on a shared server gains a lot of foot traffic other sites may suffer as a result and experience slow loading times. VPS hosting completely sandboxes your server from others, so you don’t have to worry about this even if you’re one of the smaller fish in the pond.


The next rung up on the ladder is OVH’s essential plan. The essential plan starts at $11.50/month and provides you with a 2 vCore processor, 4GB of memory, 80GB of storage, and bandwidth of 500Mbps. So, for slightly less than twice the price it provides twice the technical components as the value plan. Obviously, you’ll want to move up to higher technical specs as you need them, so if the value plan doesn’t quite meet what you’re looking for the essential plan is the next place to look.

The essential plan is recommended for users who are looking to set up a site with reasonable foot traffic or multiple applications. 1 or 2GB may suffice for setting up a bare-bones WordPress site, but if you’re hoping to run multiple modest websites or applications it’s recommended you have a little more memory available.


The comfort plan takes things to the next level and once again doubles your technical resources. With 8GB of memory, a 4 vCore processor, 160GB of storage, and 1Gbps of unlimited traffic bandwidth, this is the option for serious users. It costs $23/month ($19.55/month with a 2-year plan). If you’re just starting a business or site, the comfort plan may not be what you’re looking for. But if you have a decent-sized userbase and are looking to ensure your users continue having smooth experiences, scaling your site up to the comfort plan may be a good call.


At the top of OVH’s VPS configuration food chain is the elite plan. At $34/month this plan offers you an 8vCore processor, up to 32GB of memory, up to 640GB of storage, and 2Gbps bandwidth with unlimited traffic. Aptly named as such, it’s the plan for those who require top tier servers. 

Odds are you already have a pretty good idea of what specs you need if you’re considering this option, and with OVH’s customizable plan you’ll be able to scale this as your business requires. Additionally, with the elite plan, you’ll have 24/7 access to a customer support team. If you’re paying for it, you want to be sure things are working correctly.

Other Benefits

There are also benefits to consider regardless of which plan you choose. All four plans include services like Anti-DDoS for increased security as well as service level agreements of 99.9%. Guarantees like this are crucial to make sure that your site will be working when you expect it to and will be a safe place both for you and your users.  

It’s also good to know you’re choosing a company that offers high-quality customer support and additional backup options. There are number of external storage space options you can include in your plan to make sure you have a smooth recovery in the event of a technical failure. It’s much better to proactively prepare for when things go wrong, and the peace of mind that comes with it is worth the price.

Opting in For the Long Haul

And after you have chosen which of these plans is right for you there’s also the matter of longevity. You should consider how long you’ll be needed a server setup. Odds are you won’t just want a setup for a month or two although it may be beneficial to try multiple plans over the span of a few months to ensure your needs are being met. Once you find a plan that is satisfactory you can opt to purchase a one or two-year commitment in return for extra savings (elite plan excluded).  

 For example, if you were to purchase the comfort plan with a two-year commitment instead of the monthly plan, you would save $3.45/month.  Sure, that doesn’t sound like a ton, but over two years that’s an extra $83 in your pocket for the exact same service. As with most things, buying in bulk is the smart move in the long run.


As you can see from everything listed above, there is a wide price range when deciding between OVH VPS configurations. If you’re just getting started with a site, budget-friendly plans like the value plan are available. And if you’re expanding things to match a growing audience, higher-priced plans offer powerful technical specs to meet your needs. It may be the case you’re not entirely sure what your site will require, and if that’s the case starting the conversation about your options is the best first step.